"love is death" = to have extremely strong feelings of love for someone

"I love my sister to death because she will do anything for you. She paid for my wedding dress and helped me send out all of the wedding invitations. Now, she is going to pay for the wedding photographer, too!"

"fall head over heels in love" = fall deeply in love with someone, sometimes suddenly

"Jorie fell head over heels in love with my brother the first time they met."

Wedding Plans

1. Pre-Listening Exercises

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What goes into wedding in your country including activities, food, and a reception? Describe these things to someone who is not familiar with your country and culture.

HELPFUL TIP : Marriage isn't a date in time; it's a life that is made up of small acts of kindness toward your spouse.

2. Listening Exercises [ Top ]
Sarah and Ron are getting married. Listen to this conversation about their wedding plans.

1. Where does the woman want to get married?
A. She wants to get married at a local church.
B. She wants to tie the knot at some scenic place.
C. She wants to exhange their vows at a reception hall.

2. Ron suggests getting married at his parents' house, but Sarah feels _______.
A. there is too much traffic in the area
B. their house and yard are way to small
C. they don't have enough chairs and tables

3. Sarah wants _______________ to prepare the refreshments at the reception.
A. her close friends
B. a food service company
C. her parents and family

4. While Sarah wants to go skiing on their honeymoon, Ron wants to ____________.
A. go on an exciting cruise
B. drive through the mountains
C. visit some art museums

5. Ron comes up with the idea of ______________ during their honeymoon.
A. staying with his brother
B. spending romantic nights at a hotel
C. relaxing at an exciting resort


1. She wants to tie the knot at some scenic place.
2. there is too much traffic in the area
3. a food service company
4. visit some art museums
5. staying with his brother


Sarah: Ooo, this is so exciting. So, where do you want to get married? I know, I know, I know. Um, up in the mountains. You know, that beautiful waterfall? Why don't we get married by the waterfall?

Ronald: Uh, I don't know.

Sarah: Oh, come on. It would be great. It's so beautiful, and it'speaceful, and it's really romantic. Come on.

Ronald: I don't know. You know I'm allergic to 32 types of wild flowers . . .

Sarah: You'll be okay. Take an allergy pill.

Ronald: . . . and I might break out in a terrible rash.

Sarah: You'll be okay. Come on. Well, let's . . . . I'm sure we can come up with something nice. Come on. Let's think about it.

Ronald: Wh . . wh . . . wh . . . We could get married in my parent's backyard. [What? ] Yeah. We just need to move the dogs for a few hours.

Sarah: No! Don't even think about it. Their backyard is really tra . . . tra (She means to say, trashy). It's . . . it's in bad shape. And their house is like, right next to the freeway. It's only half a block from the freeway. It's so noisy. Come on. There is a real nice reception hall only a couple miles away. We can do that. You don't have to worry about your allergies.

Ronald: Ah, that sounds expensive!

Sarah: It's not that expensive . . . just a little bit. And then, and then, look. We can have a catering service come, and they serve shrimp and lobster tails, and when my friend got married, they had the best desserts. Come on, and then, you know, for our breakfast, our wedding breakfast, we could go to that Japanese restaurant . . . I can't remember. What's it called?

Ronald: You mean, Samarai Sushi?

Sarah: Yeah, Samuri Sushi! Their food is so good. Come on, come on.

Ronald: That sounds so expensive.

Sarah: But it's okay. It's worth it. Come on, Ron! Come on!

Ronald: How about my mother's tuna fish sandwiches instead?

Sarah: Ronald. We can spend a little bit more money than what you keep in that old stupid jar on your desk. Come on.

Ronald:Well, I was trying to save money for the honeymoon.

Sarah: Well, yeah. [ Yeah. ] Well, okay. Well, I've been thinking about too. I've been thinking about it for weeks.

Ronald: Me too. Now look, look at this Web site. We could go to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sarah: That would be so cool! They have the best snowboarding and skiing, and their snow. It is the best snow. This time of year would be perfect. They have some really, really nice hotels. Oh, Ron, we're going to love that. That would be wonderful. I love skiing.

Ronald: I . . I . . . I was thinking about visiting some of the local art and natural history museums instead. [ What? ] Snow skiing just isn't my thing.

Sarah: Oh, Ron. Come on.

Ronald: You . . . you know. I don't do well in the cold.

Sarah: Brother!

Ronald: Oh, yeah! [ What? ] That's a good idea. Let me call my brother. [ No way! ] He lives there, and he probably could let us stay at his house.

Sarah: For our honeymoon!?!?!

Ronald: Oh, yeah! [ No! ] Wait, wait! Where are you going? Come back. Did I say anything wrong?

4. Post-Listening Exercises
Marriage customs, traditions, and rituals differ from country to country and from community to community even within the same country. Discuss these questions about your culture with a partner:

  • What is the average age for a first marriage for both men and women?
  • How do people meet and court each other?
  • How long is a typical courtship?
  • Who pays for different costs with the wedding and any reception?
  • Where do people often get married?
  • What do the groom and bride wear? How about the guests?
  • What happens at a typical marriage? What activities do people do?
  • What foods are often served at such events?
  • Where do people go on a honeymoon if this is common practice?

5. Online Investigations

Choose a country below. Then, use the Internet to collect information on the questions in the Post-Listening section above. Share your ideas with a partner.

  • Mexico
  • India
  • Japan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Italy
  • Morocco
  • China
  • France

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