"go up in smoke" = if a plan goes up in smoke, the it didn't work out and failed

"We wanted to go on a trip, but our plan went up in smoke when I lost my job."

"blow smoke" = to trick, lie, or decieve people

"Brandon said he stopped using drugs, but he's just blowing smoke."

Kicking the Habit

1. Pre-Listening Exercises

What effects does smoking have on the human body? At way age do people often start smoking and how difficult can it be to quit?

HELPFUL TIP : Smoking can affect one's health in many ways. Think before you start.

2. Listening Exercises [ Top ]
Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.

1. The man smokes _______ packs of cigarettes a day.
A. one
B. two
C. three

2. The man and woman are _____________.
A. siblings
B. husband and wife
C. coworkers

3. According to the conversation, where does the man probably smoke at home?
A. in the bathroom
B. in his bedroom
C. on the porch

4. The woman knows the man's son, Jacob, is smoking because ________.
A. she caught him smoking at school
B. he confessed to her about his problem
C. she discovered his habit at her house

5. Based on the tone of the conversation, the man is ____________ the woman's ideas.
A. resistant to
B. open to
C. confused with


1. two
2. siblings
3. on the porch
4. she discovered his habit at her house
5. resistant to


Woman: Hey. Are you okay?

Man: Yeah. I just have a cold, I think.

Woman: No, no you don't. You've sounded like that for a while. You smoke, and you're dying from it.

Man: What? Well, you know, I'm just . . .I'm just a casual smoker, and I can quit anytime I want.

Woman: No, you can't. You smoke two packs a day, and I DONT call that a casual smoker.

Man: Hey, it's my choice, so butt out. We've talked about this before, and I'm tired of you, mom, and dad nagging me about it all the time.

Woman: Okay, but what about your kids? Don't you worry about how your smoking is affecting them?

Man: It's not a problem. I smoke outside.

Woman: Yeah, but don't you worry they'll start smoking too?

Man: No. They won't. I know my kids. I trust them.

Woman: Yeah, yeah. Didn't you say that Jacob got caught smoking a week ago at school?

Man: Yeah, but it was the first time . . . He's under a lot of pressure these days.

Woman: Yea, right. The first time you know of. He's lying to you.

Man: I trust him.

Woman: Really. Well, what about these cigarettes? [ What? ] Right here! [ Oh!] I found them in his clothes when he stayed over last night. Listen.

Man: They . . . They're probably not his!

Woman: There his. He's following your example. You can't expect him NOT to smoke when you smoke yourself.

Man: Hey. Don't tell me how to raise my kids. It's my job.

Woman: I won't have to. You're killing yourself, and someone else is going to be raising your kids for you.

Man: Well, what does that mean?

WomanFigure it out. Listen. I ('ve) got to go now. If you want to talk more, I'll be at mom's house.

Man: Whatever.

4. Post-Listening Exercises

What are the basic laws or rules of etiquette regarding smoking in public or at home in your area today? How have these laws changed over the years? For example, in some places, smoking is not allowed in public buildings, and you have to smoke a certain distance away from the entrance and windows of public buildings.

5. Online Investigations

What are some key steps to kicking the habit of smoking? What organizations or Web sites are available to help people with this issue? Search the Internet for find information on this subject.

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