"lend someone a hand" = help someone

"Could you lend me a hand with the housework before your parents arrive."

"lift a finger" = do the smallest amount of work required

"Susan's husband rarely lifts a finger to help her around the house."

Saturday's Chores

1. Pre-Listening Exercises

What are some ideas on how to assign household chores in a family? Should parents give money to their children as a reward? Use the Internet to search for ideas on this topic.

HELPFUL TIP : Kids need to learn how to budget and save money. Consider giving them allowance for completing household chores, but deduct a percentage that goes into their long-term savings. This also helps them delay gratification for something they really want to buy in the future.


2. Listening Exercises
Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play" button and answer the questions.

1. What does the boy want to do at the beginning of the conversation?
A. go play outside
B. watch TV
C. play video games

2. What is one thing the boy is NOT assigned to do around the house?
A. clean the garage
B. vacuum the floors
C. wash the walls

3. What does the boy have to do in his bedroom?
A. put away his books
B. make his bed
C. pick up his dirty clothes

4. What is the father going to do while the boy is doing his household chores?
A. wash the car
B. paint the house
C. work in the yard

5. Where will the father and son go after the housework is done?
A. to a movie
B. out to eat
C. to a ball game


1. go play outside
2. clean the garage
3. make his bed
4. work in the yard
5. out to eat


Son: Dad. Can I go outside to play?

Dad: Well, did you get you Saturday's work done?

Son: Ah, Dad. Do I have to?

Dad: Well, you know the rules. No playing until the work is done.

Son: So, what is my work?

Dad: Well, first you have to clean the bathroom including the toilet. And don't forget to scrub the bathtub.

Son: No, I want to do the family room.

Dad: Well, okay, but you have to vacuum the family room and the hall, and be sure to dust everything. Oh, and don't forget to wipe the walls and clean the baseboards. [Okay.] And after that. [Oh, no.] Next, sweep and mop the kitchen floor and be sure to polish the table in the living room.

Son: Okay. Okay.

Dad: And make your bed and pick up all your toys and put them away. And . . .

Son: More?

Dad: Yeah. And then, how about going out for lunch and getting a big milk shake, but you probably don't want to do that.

Son: No, No. I want to.

Dad: Okay. While you're doing your work, I'll be out in the yard raking leaves and pulling weeds.

3. Post-Listening Exercises

What are the different roles men and women play in carrying out housework? What do men usually do? And women? How have things changed or remained the same during the past thirty years or so in your country? Are children assigned chores to do around the house? Do everyday people hire housekeepers to do such housework?

4. Online Investigations

For some individuals, finding the time and energy to do household chores can be an issue. Fortunately, you can find more and more house cleaning services that will do the job for you for a fee. Search on the Internet for two companies that provide house cleaning and compare their work in terms of price, range of cleaning services, and guarantee.

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