Phone Numbers
Basic Level

1. Pre-Listening Exercises

Learning how to understand and say phone numbes correctly takes a little practice. In the United States, there are usually seven numbers with an area code. For example, 821 (the area code) followed by 555-5555. With the area code, we just say the individual numbers: eight-two-one. If the number has a 0 in it, then we say "oh" or "zero." In the last four numbers, people sometimes say the numbers like they are two numbers: "3140" can be "thirty-one forty."

Here are some more:

  • (966) 340-8019: nine-six-six three-four-oh eight-zero-one-nine OR nine-six-six three-four-oh eighty nineteen
  • Please text me at eight-five seven nine-five-two-three.
  • Did you say your number is 3-oh-four twenty-thirteen?

2. Listening Exercises
Listen by pressing the audio button and select the correct answer for each sentence.

1. What is the problem in the conversation?
A. The man didn't do his homework.
B. The man can't find his book.
C. The man missed his grammar class.

2. What is Brittany's phone number?
A. It's 870-0019.
B. It's 870-0090.
C. It's 870-0099.

3. James' phone number is __________.
A. 614-1418
B. 614-4080
C. 614-1480

4. The man wants Audrey's phone number because _______.
A. he needs the homework
B. he likes her
C. he wants to find his computer

5. What is Audrey's phone number?
A. 558-6016
B. 558-6010
C. 558-1660


1. The man can`t find his book.
2. It`s 870-0019.
3. 614-1480
4. he likes her
5. 558-6016


Ethan: Hey, Emily. I think I left my grammar book in the class today. I think one of the students took it. Uh, do you have some of their phone numbers?

Emily: Yeah. Um, who do you want to call?

Ethan: Well, Brittany was sitting next to me, so I'll call her first. What is her number?

Emily: Hm, um. Hang on a minute. [ Okay. ] Oh, here it is. It's, um, eight eight-seven-zero zero-zero-one-nine (870-0019).

Ethan: . . . okay, zero-zero-one-nine (0019). Got it. I'll call her first. And, uh, what about James?

Emily: Yeah. Um, okay. It's six-one-four one-four-eight-zero (614-1480).

Ethan: Okay, six-one-four fourteen eighteen (614-1418), right?

Emily: No, it's fourteen eighty (1480).

Ethan: Oh, okay. And, um, yeah, um, uh . . . What's her name? You know, the girl, um . . . You know.

Emily: Which one?

[ Embarrashed laugh . . . ]

Emily: You mean Audrey? The girl you really like?

Ethan: What?

Emily: I can tell you like her.

Ethan: Come on. Are you kidding? No, no. I mean, we're like brother and sister.

Emily: Ah, yeah, right, right. Well, uh, if you want, here's your SISTER's phone number. It's five-five-eight six-zero-one-six (558-6016).

Ethan: Yeah, six-zero-one-zero (6010). Got it. Bye.

Emily: No.

Ethan: What?

Emily: Six-zero-one-six (6016).

Ethan: Six-zero-one-six (6016).

Emily: Alright. I hope your sister's not mad that you called.

Ethan: No problem.

Emily: Bye.

Ethan: Bye.

3. Post-Listening Exercises

Write down the phone numbers of five people you know. Then, practice saying them with a partner. Test each other with these numbers to see if you understand them well.

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