"shoot down" = stop something

"He shot down my idea of ordering pizza because it was too expensive to order."

"bark up the wrong tree" = make an incorrect choice or arrive at an inaccurate conclusion

"I told you. I didn't take your book. You're really barking up the wrong tree."

Hunting Trip

1. Pre-Listening Exercises
What are some reasons why people hunt for animals? Is hunting legal in your area? What types of weapons are used for hunting?

HELPFUL TIP : Wearing the proper clothing can be critical in hunting situations. In some places, the law requires hunters to put on colorful outer clothing so that they are visible to other hunters, yet still invisible to colorblind animals.

2. Listening Exercises

Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play Audio" button and answer the questions.

1. What is the relationship between the two men?
A. cousins
B. brothers-in-law
C. friends

2. What time of day is it in the conversation?
A. early morning
B. midday
C. late evening

3. How does Paul feel about hunting?
A. He sees it as an opportunity to provide food for his family.
B. He really doesn't enjoy the thought of killing animals.
C. He feels it is an appropriate activity when done safely.

4. Where do they expect to spot the deer that day?
A. on a hillside in some trees
B. near a water source
C. along a well-established trail

5. Which thing does NOT happen in the conversation?
A. Paul wants to go back to their vehicle to get shells for his gun.
B. Dan threatens to shoot Paul for his unwanted actions.
C. They are able to take down a large deer.


1. brothers-in-law
2. early morning
3. He really doesn't enjoy the thought of killing animals.
4. near a water source
5. They are able to take down a large deer.


Dan: Hey. Paul. Thanks for coming on this hunting trip with me. When my friend came down with the flu and couldn't make it, your sister wasn't going to let me go alone. You know, for safety reasons.

Paul: Yeah, well, as you know, I really don't like to hunt. [That's okay!] But I only came because my sister twisted my arm.[Ah, that's okay!] I didn't realize I was marrying into a family of hunters.

Dan: Shh. Quiet. I can see some deer down there, I think. You'll scare the deer away. They have a great sense of hearing and smell, so we have to remain out of sight.

Paul: Well, as you know, I really don't eat much meat . . .

Dan: You don't have to eat it. I'll take care of that. Just get ready. As soon as the sun comes up in a few minutes, you can often see the deer down in that meadow. You see that stream down there. [Yeah. ]We just need to quietly get a little closer.

Paul: Uh, Dan. How about if I just wait here and watch, you know, watch our stuff?

Dan: No, man. We'll have a better chance at bagging a deer if we're together.

Paul: Uh, man, I forgot my ammo back at the truck. What a bummer! I guess I'll just have to sit here and watch.

Dan: Are you crazy? Here. Take these shells and load your rifle. Taken 'em. Take 'em.

Paul: Uh. [cough, cough, cough . .] Hey deer. If you're out there, run!

Dan: What are you doing? Cut it out! There's a huge deer now. Ah, he's mine! Watch this!

Paul: Run, Bambi.

Dan: [Bang, bang, bang.]

What did you do that for?

Paul: Yes, [looking confused . . .] Why are you reloading? They're gone.

Dan: Stand around here for much longer, and you'll see. Any last words?

3. Post-Listening Exercises
Discuss the different positions, for and against, hunting in general and in your area if permitted. Include in your discussion ideas related to the possible need for providing food, regulating natural animal populations, and hunting for sport. If hunting is permitted, how can people do it responsibly?

4. Online Investigations
In many places where hunting is permitted, laws and regulations often have been established to regulate hunting safety and practices. Select a place in the world to determine if hunting of any kind is permitted. Use the Internet to answer the following questions:

  1. Is hunting of any kind permitted?
  2. What kinds of animals may be hunted?
  3. Are there specific seasons when hunting is permitted?
  4. What type of hunting license is required, and how much does it cost?
  5. Are hunters required to take classes or go through specific hunter's training to receive a license or permit to hunt animals?
  6. Is there a limit on the number of animals that can be taken during a hunt?
  7. What penalties are imposed if hunters violate any laws?
  8. Are there any environmental reasons why limited hunting can help regulate animal populations in some cases? If so, give a specific example

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