"buy into" = believe an idea

"Unfortunately, a lot of young people buy into the idea that they have to wear expensive clothes to be popular."

"eat your words" = admit that you are wrong

"My roommate said I couldn't cook, but now he'll have to eat his words because I made this complete dinner by myself."

Grocery Shopping: Supermarkets and Food Coupons

1. Pre-Listening Exercises

Where do you or your family go grocery shopping on a regular basis? What are typical things you buy and how much does your family spend on groceries per week? (Ask your family if you don't know.)

HELPFUL TIP : Using store coupons, where available, and buying certain items in large quantities can save you money in the long run.


2. Listening Exercises
Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play Audio" button and answer the questions.
1. Why did the man buy dog food at the supermarket?
A. Their dog was hit by a truck and needed food.
B. The man adopts a dog from a stranger.
C. The product was on sale at the supermarket.

2. Why does he buy tomato juice?
A. He plans on making a unique spaghetti sauce.
B. He's trying to modify the way he eats.
C. He wants to make a vegetable drink.

3. How much was the milk?
A. $2.05
B. $2.15
C. $2.50

4. Which item did the man NOT buy?
A. a package of cookies
B. some cans of tuna
C. a carton of orange juice

5. Why does the woman get upset at the end of the conversation?
A. The man is preparing the steaks for the dog.
B. The man only bought one steak for himself.
C. The grill can't be used to cook the steaks.


1. The man adopts a dog from a stranger.
2. He`s trying to modify the way he eats.
3. $2.50
4. a carton of orange juice
5. The man is preparing the steaks for the dog.


Man: Hey. Can you give me a hand with the groceries? And I told you I could do the shopping.

Woman: Wow! Do we really need all this stuff? Let me see that receipt.

Man: Hey, I only bought the essentials.

Woman: Okay. Let's see. Dog food. Twenty-four dollars and seventy cents ($24.70)? We don't even have a dog!

Man: Well, it WAS going to be a surprise, but look in the back of the truck.

Woman: What?

Man: Ah, ha, hah. Speechless. I knew you'd love him.

Woman: That thing? That dog's as big as a horse. He probably eats like one, too.

Man: Ah, but he's sure friendly. And someone was giving him away at the supermarket, and I . . . I . . . I couldn't let that poor thing pass another day without a loving home.

WomanWhatever. Where was I? Eighteen dollars and nineteen cents ($18.19) for twenty-four cans of tomato juice? You don't even like that stuff!

Man: Ahhhh. Not yet. I've decided to change my eating habits.

Woman: Right.

Man: You'll see, you'll see.

Woman: Okay. Let's see. Three eighty-four ($3.84) for a box of chocolate cookies and twelve fifty-six ($12.56) for a case of soft drinks. [Yeah!] Changing your eating habits, huh? Do you really think that cookies are some type of diet food?

Man: Hey, I'll just eat a cookie or two every other hour. In fact, they're a great source of carbohydrates for energy. And, you see, the tomato juice and cookies kind of, you know, cancel each other out.

Woman: Oh brother. I can't believe what I'm hearing. Let's see. Where was I? A carton of eggs, two fifty ($2.50) for a gallon of milk, three cans of tuna. Okay. [Yeah.] And finally two steaks for eight fourteen ($8.14) . Now, something worth enjoying. I'll get the grill started.

Man: Oh, we . . . w . . . well. The steaks are for Herbert.

Woman: Herbert. Who's Herbert?

Man: Uh, he's the dog. [No!] You see, the previous owner said that he's kind of . . . he's somewhat picky about what he eats, [No!], and the steaks might help him adjust [Absolutely not!] . . . . no, no, no, and the steaks might help him adjust to his new home. Hey, what are you doing? Oh, no. Why did you throw the steaks out on the ground outside?

Woman: Well, now, you and Herbert can get to know each other better. I'm going out to eat by myself.

Man: Ughh.

4. Post-Listening Exercises

Imagine you need to go shopping for food because you are hosting a party for 30 friends, some of whom are international students from around the world. You don't have a lot of money, so cost is important to you. Thus, where would you do your shopping in your area and what kinds of food and drink would you buy for the party?

5. Online Investigations

Many people have shopped online for different items including electronics, clothing, and books, but few have shopped online for food and groceries. Today, more and more companies offered food delivery on grocery items including meat and dairy (milk) products. Whether such services are or are not currently available in your area, having an idea on the benefits and/or disadvantages of such services can be helpful if and when you you encounter such companies in the future. Use the Internet to learn more about one such company and then determine (1) the company's rationale for offering grocery delivery service, (2) how this company's service is similar and/or different than at least one other competitor, and (3) how prices on food items compare to those found in a local, neighborhood grocery store.

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