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Used Cars
A Great Car Deal

Listening Exercises
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Car Salesman : Oh. Hi there. A beauty, isn't she?

Woman : Well . . .

Car Salesman : Do you want to take her a test ride?

Woman : Well . . . Um. How old is it?

Car Salesman : Well, it's only three years old?

Woman : And what's the mileage ?

Car Salesman : Uh, let me check. Oh yes. 75,000 miles.

Woman : 75,000 miles? That's quite a bit for a car that's only three years old.

Car Salesman : Well, once you're in the driver's seat, you'll fall in love with her. Get in.

Woman : Ugh . . . Uh, I can't seem to get the door open. [ Ah, it's okay. ] It could be broken.

Car Salesman : Ah, just give her a little tap . Ugh. Now she's opened.

Woman : Great. A door I have to beat up to open.

Car Salesman : Hey. Get in and start her up.

[ Woman tries to start the car . . . ]

Car Salesman : [ Um ] Well, it's probably the battery. I know she has enough gas in her, and I had our mechanic check her out just yesterday. Try it again.

Woman : Uh. It sounds a little rough to me. [ Well . . . ] How much is this minivan anyway?

Car Salesman : Oh. It's a real bargain today and tomorrow only at $15,775, plus you get the extended warranty covering defects , wear, and tear beyond the normal maintenance on the vehicle for an extra $500 for the next 30,000 miles. [ Oh . . . ] with a few minor exclusions.

Woman : Like . . . ?

Car Salesman : Well, I mean, it covers everything except for the battery, and light bulbs, and brake drums, exhaust system, trim and moldings, upholstery and carpet, paint, tires . . . Well, a short list, you know.

Woman : Uh. Well, almost $16,000 is a little out of my price range, plus the seats covers are torn a little.

Car Salesman : Well, hey, I might be able to talk the manager into lowering the price another two hundred dollars, but that's about all.

Woman : No thanks. I think I'll just keep looking.

Key Vocabulary [ Top ]

  • mileage (noun) : the distance traveled in miles equal to 1.6 kilometres
    - This car gets great gas mileage in the city.
  • tap (verb) : to hit lightly and often repeatedly
    - I tapped on the door, but no one answered.
  • extended (verbal adjective) : lengthy, extensive
    - He has driven his car for an extended period of time without any problems.
  • warranty (noun) : guarantee
    - There is a limited guarantee on parts and labor in case the car breaks down.
  • defects (noun) : flaws, mistakes, faults
    - The company decided to recall the car because defects were discovered in the engine's cooling system.
  • upholstery (noun) : a covering often used on furniture or car seats
    - The upholstery on these seats needs to be replaced.

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