"crack a book" = to open books to study (usually a negative meaning)

"Brandon hardly ever cracked a book in high school, but he still was able to graduate."

"cut class" = to skip school

"Why do you always cut class? You won't pass the class if you do."

Class Reunion

1. Pre-Listening Exercises

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Class or school unions are times when people get together with former classmates and relive past experiences in high school.

HELPFUL TIP : Sometimes, it is difficult to remember people's names, especially when the people you meet have foreign names. Write names down and review them often.

2. Listening Exercises
Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.
1. What is the woman's name?
A. Her name is Ashley.
B. The woman's name is Amber.
C. It's Amanda.

2. Where is the reunion going to be held?
A. Mountain Country Club
B. Meadow Country Club
C. Mesa Country Club

3. The reunion starts at ________.
A. 6:00
B. 6:15
C. 6:30

4. How much do two tickets cost for the reunion?
A. They cost $20.
B. The price is $30.
C. The total comes to $40.

5. Why does James feel uncomfortable about attending the reunion?
A. James wasn't very good on the football team, and people remember this.
B. James was rejected by a girl in high school, and he is unsure about seeing her again.
C. James doesn't know how to dance very well, and he is embarrassed about this.


1. It`s Amanda.
2. Mountain Country Club
3. 6:00
4. The total comes to $40.
5. James was rejected by a girl in high school, and he is unsure about seeing her again.


Amanda: Hey, I know you. You're James, right? James Roberts.

James: Amanda Brown. Wow! It's been a long time.

Amanda: Yeah. Oh, are you going to the class reunion in two weeks?

James: Uh, I heard about it, but I'm not sure. Where is it?

Amanda: The reunion is going to be held at the Mountain Country Club across from City Park.

James: And what time does it start?

Amanda: I think it starts at 6:00.

James: And how much does it cost?

Amanda: It's twenty dollars a ticket, and that includes dinner and entertainment.

James: What kind of entertainment are they going to have?

Amanda: They're going to have a live jazz band and dancing.

James: And who is organizing the event?

Amanda: Do you remember Chad Phillips?

James: Uh, wasn't he the quarterback on the football team?

Amanda: Right. Well, he married Sarah Rogers, and they are in charge of the event. So, what do you think? Are you going?

James: I don't know. I never really fit in in high school. I was kind of a loner. I also remember asking Sarah out on a date, and she turned me down. She said she was sick, and it turned out she went out with someone that same night. It could be a little awkward.

Amanda: Hey, why don't we go together?

James: Are you sure?

Amanda: Yeah.

James: Well, sure. Why not. To be honest, I always thought you were very nice. I just never had the guts to ask you out.

Amanda: Well, here's your chance.

James: Sounds great. So, what's your number so I can call you?

Amanda: It's 435-923-6017.

James: 6017, Okay. Where do you live?

Amanda: I only live two blocks south of the old high school.

James: Okay. I remember where you live. Let me call you a few days before toconfirm things.

Amanda: Sounds good. It should be fun.

3. Post-Listening Exercises

Do former classmates in your area or country hold class reunions? If so, how often do people organize such events? What activities do people do at such reunions? Have you ever participated in a class reunion? Describe your experience.

4. Online Investigations

Contact a former classmate who attended the same high school by email, Facebook, or other social media. What was the person like back then (the person's personality)? Where does the person live now? What does he or she now do for a living?

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