Apartment Living
Basic Level

1. Pre-Listening Exercises

What things are most important to you when you rent an apartment? Put these things in order from most important to least important. Then, discuss your reasons for your choices.

  1. ___ price
  2. ___ location to transportation (bus or train)
  3. ___ apartment facilities (swimming pool, fitness room, laundry room)
  4. ___ parking space or garage
  5. ___ location to shopping center
  6. ___ length of rental contract
  7. ___ apartment age
  • My apartment has a spacious kitchen.
  • This place has two bedrooms and one bathroom.
  • The rent for these apartments is fairly reasonable.

2. Listening Exercises
Listen by pressing the "Play Audio" button and select the correct answer for each sentence.

1. How many bedrooms does the man's apartment have?
A. one
B. two
C. three

2. The swimming pool ________ the apartment building.
A. next to
B. behind
C. in front of

3. What business are opposite the apartments?
A. clothing stores
B. book stores
C. restaurants

4. How much does the man pay for rent?
A. $235
B. $255
C. $275

5. What service is NOT included in the rent?
A. gas
B. the Internet
C. electricity


1. three
2. next to
3. restaurants
4. $275
5. the Internet


Woman: So, what is your apartment like?

Man: Oh, it's great. There are three bedrooms, a nice kitchen, a living room, and a laundry room.

Woman: That sounds nice.

Man: Yeah, and there is a swimming pool next to the apartment building. And, uh, I usually study there, you know, the sun and all.

Woman: Oh, yeah, right.

Man: Oh, and there are two fast food restaurants across the street, so it is a quick way to get a meal.

Woman: Um, that sounds good. How much do you pay in rent?

Man: Well, I have two roommates, so I pay $275 a month. Uh, that's my share.

Woman: Serious? That's a real good price.

Man: Yeah, it's not bad.

Woman: Um, are utilities included?

Man: Uh, gas, water, and electricity are included. The Internet and cable TV are separate.

Woman: That's a fabulous price. How on earth did you find a place like that?

Man: Just found it online.

Woman: Wow. That sounds like a nice apartment.

Man: Yeah, come over some time.

Woman: Okay. I'll do that.

If you live in another country to learn English, where do you want to live: in an apartment, in a campus dormitory, or with a host family in a house? Share your reasons.

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