"hit the road" = leave or depart from a specific place

"Okay. It's time to hit the road. Everyone get in the car."

"drive at something" = What do you mean or imply?

"Hey, what are you driving at? Are you trying to say that I'm a bad driver?"

Used Cars

A Great Car Deal

1. Pre-Listening Exercises

What points should you consider when looking for a used car? Rank these points in order of importance and discuss them. Do you have any concerns or worries about buying a secondhand car (used car)?

HELPFUL TIP : Consider taking a used car to an independent mechanic for a complete check before you buy it. You can discover potential problems before you buy it.


2. Listening Exercises [ Top ]
Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play Audio" button and answer the questions.

1. How old is the minivan the woman is looking at?
A. three years old
B. five years old
C. seven years old

2. What is the vehicle's mileage?
A. 55,000 miles
B. 65,000 miles
C. 75,000 miles

3. What is the problem with the minivan's door?
A. It has several scratches in it.
B. It will not open properly.
C. It is missing the door handle.

4. What is one thing the extended warranty would NOT cover on the vehicle according to the conversation?
A. a faulty oil pump
B. a malfunctioning gage
C. a worn out brake drum

5. If the manager lowered the price as the salesman suggests, what would the final price be?
A. $15,475
B. $15,575
C. $15,675


1. three years old
2. 75,000 miles
3. It will not open properly.
4. a worn out brake drum
5. $15,575


Car Salesman: Oh. Hi there. A beauty, isn't she?

Woman: Well . . .

Car Salesman: Do you want to take her a test ride?

Woman: Well . . . Um. How old is it?

Car Salesman: Well, it's only three years old?

Woman: And what's the mileage?

Car Salesman: Uh, let me check. Oh yes. 75,000 miles.

Woman: 75,000 miles? That's quite a bit for a car that's only three years old.

Car Salesman: Well, once you're in the driver's seat, you'll fall in love with her. Get in.

Woman: Ugh . . . Uh, I can't seem to get the door open. [Ah, it's okay.] It could be broken.

Car Salesman: Ah, just give her a little tap. Ugh. Now she's opened.

Woman: Great. A door I have to beat up to open.

Car Salesman: Hey. Get in and start her up.

[Woman tries to start the car . . .]

Car Salesman: [Um] Well, it's probably the battery. I know she has enough gas in her, and I had our mechanic check her out just yesterday. Try it again.

Woman: Uh. It sounds a little rough to me. [Well . . .] How much is this minivan anyway?

Car Salesman: Oh. It's a real bargain today and tomorrow only at $15,775, plus you get the extended warranty covering defects, wear, and tear beyond the normal maintenance on the vehicle for an extra $500 for the next 30,000 miles. [Oh . . .] with a few minor exclusions.

Woman: Like . . . ?

Car Salesman: Well, I mean, it covers everything except for the battery, and light bulbs, and brake drums, exhaust system, trim and moldings,upholstery and carpet, paint, tires . . . Well, a short list, you know.

Woman: Uh. Well, almost $16,000 is a little out of my price range, plus the seats covers are torn a little.

Car Salesman: Well, hey, I might be able to talk the manager into lowering the price another two hundred dollars, but that's about all.

Woman: No thanks. I think I'll just keep looking.

3. Post-Listening Exercises

Imagine you want to buy a used car. Would you want to work with the used car salesperson in this conversation? Why or why not? What is your image of the ideal car salesperson?

4. Online Investigations

Using search engines, find a review for a particular car you would like to buy. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the make and model. What is the car's reliability? What is the difference in the new and used car price? Discuss your findings with another student.

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